I am rational.
I value the things around me depending on their functions in their systems.

I acknowledge the outside reality over the inner reality,
and I try to have a definition of reality mostly based on the facts.
I know that all the things around me as a whole matter more than me
as a matter of material, space, time and overall meaning.

I consider the overall facts at the end over the current and individual feelings.
The lack of control over the emotion and ego impulses therefore look to me
as the most direct way to fail at perceiving and defining reality.

Considering my mistakes, I acknowledge that my perception, my reason and my action
have by themselves no guarantee of success, and that attention is required at any time.
I am therefore fallibilist. I know that what I know, think, say and do, may not be right.

Considering the same tendency of the others to failure,
I understand that we are all affected by ignorance,
and I am therefore relativist.

And considering that one is likely to come closer to the truth with doubts and questions,
and further from the truth with certainty and statements,
I am therefore sceptical.

Remaining aware that we don't know everything looks critical to me
in the process of dealing with the reality.

My mind refuses the limits and can't help but looking for what may be beyond,
but my body is full of limits and can't go any beyond.
I am therefore frustrated, and curious about what is the point of all of this then.

And I then realize that the search for beyond of the others
shows some potential threats to me and to the whole world,
and I finally acknowledge that this general limit of the bodies
is something that may actually be required for the general balance.

Those limits that hamper me so much actually hamper everybody.
I therefore understand that those limits may be here to protect us from ourselves,
and to protect everything around us as well.

And my frustration vanishes by thinking about it.

I am for a maximal level of liberty in the private space
as much as I am for a maximal level of respect in the public space,
as long as the said liberty and respect don't start to hamper the well-being of the people.

I think that everybody is free to do whatever he wants at home,
as much as he is free not to care about what the others do in their own home.
I think that the idea of private property only makes sense
as long as it is related with real needs.
I am a liberal capitalist when it is about personal business and family security,
and a communist when it is about national infrastructure, environment and security.
A balance must be found between the need of the individual and the need of the country.

The confusion between private and public properties can only lead to abuse.

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