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This site is hosted by a hoster and managed by an individual, regarding his activities as a writer, an artist and a citizen.

This site has by itself no business purposes. Its design is only based on the release of information.
For all the inquiries regarding the sales or anything else of the works displayed here,
please contact the related publishers (book > details > Publisher)


This site is a portfolio.
Its only point is to provide information about the works displayed here.
The browsing of the site is completely free.
The author of this site is the author of the works displayed on the "Production" page.
The author has full ownership and responsibility of the content and may modify it without any notice.
The changes generally are listed on the "News" page.

This site is static. It has been written by the author with Notepad,
thanks to the help of websites like www.w3schools.com, and is optimized for Firefox on Windows 7 and Safari on iOS 11.
It features no search function, no user account, no online shop, no comment publishing option whatsoever.

Why such simple HTML website? Why no more functions?
Because: 1) no time, 2) no skillz, 3) no money, 4) no point and 5) too lazy.

Cookies - Privacy

The website creates and records no cookie or any other file on the user's device
as much as its administrator and designer knows. It is just basic HTML, really.
Its browsing therefore requires no notification or acknowledgement whatsoever.

The browsing of the website is completely anonymous. It however records some generic data for traffic tracking purposes.

The comments published on the "Comments" page are taken from online shops, forums or other public webpages.
They are published on this website because they are directly related with the works published here.
This publishing is done considering that the related authors have indirectly given their agreement for such publishing
by their own action of publishing it on public pages, as long as the content is published with the due credits, a link to the original source,
and without alteration of its meaning.
Those comments are published as complementary, alternative descriptions to those who may want to learn more before purchasing.

Terms and Conditions - Copyright

All the content published on this website has been produced by its author.

The only exceptions are of course:
1) The comments, listed in the related section, and that belong to their related authors,
2) The trademarks, used in possible pictures, that belong to their related companies,
3) The pictures, released for instance from the newspapers or websites, which shooting has obviously not been done by the author,
but which he may have considered relevant to publish on this website because they are related with a given work.

Everything not produced by the author is normally published here with its own credits.
The other items, including all the texts (but the quotes), all the pictures (but the trademarks) etc, therefore are the author property,
and as such cannot be collected, managed and published without his agreement.


This page has been written and published considering the possible legal requirements in the place where this website will be used,
to the extend of the knowledge and understanding of the author of those laws, and to the extend of his patience with bureaucracy.

The author strongly encourages those who may be upset, troubled or beginning to feel whatever uneasy feelings arising from the reading of the terms, references, opinions, statements etc published on this website and/or in the related books, to either learn more about the related subjects if they feel like learning more about it, or leaving the site if they can't stand those opinions, or expressing their own opinions in their own space if they feel the urge to express themselves.